2000-07-08 Kentucky Speedway (Sparta, KY) - 2nd Source
Video Shot : Audience

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Sound Quality :


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Gen : Low
TV system: NTSC

LENGHT : 1h41m

DVD's: 2


Creeping Death (Jason on vox, Kenny on rhythm)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Jason vox, Kenny rhythm)
Seek & Destroy (Jason vox, Kenny rhythm)
Mastertarium (first Jason on vox, then Serj, Daron on rhythm)
One (Jonathan on vox, Daron on rhythm)
KoRn: Blind (w. Lars and Kirk)
KoRn: Earache My Eye (Cheech and Chong cover; Jon on drums, Jason & Fieldy on vox)
KoRn: Clown
KoRn: South Of Heaven (Slayer jam; w. Jason on bass, Kid Rock on vox)
Sad But True / American Badass (Kenny on rhythm, Kid Rock on vox)
Nothing Else Matters (Kid Rock vox, Kenny & Head on guitar, Kenny plays solo)
Kid Rock: Fortunate Son (w. Kirk and Jason)
Kid Rock: Jumpin' Jack Flash (w. Kirk and Jason)
Fuel (Jason on vox, Kid Rock on turntables)
Turn The Page (Kid Rock vox, Kenny rhythm)
Whiplash (Jason vox; only 3 members of Metallica play)
Enter Sandman (Kid Rock on backing vox, Munky on rhythm)